About us

Institute for Defence Orientation - IFDO

Our Unique Feature:

The entire assessment procedure and mechanism followed in SSB is psychological in nature, which has been evolved and designed by The Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) and time-tested.
IFDO Pre-SSB Personality Development Programmes are, therefore, based on strong psychological foundation catering to the individual needs after due assessment of their entering behavior.
Utmost care is taken to ensure that all trainees benefit from our motivation- driven learning without curving their originality.

Other Distinguishing Features

• All tests under simulated conditions using authentic psychometric tools
• Meticulously designed scheme of work
• Balanced progress in all three techniques, PIQ To FBC
• Training by most qualified and vastly experienced instructors
• Written exam training by experienced subject experts
• Expert in SSB Training
• IFDO , Hyderabad has established “defence career corners” in many educational institutions to guide & train students by becoming their “traing partner” • Provides decent accommodation to out-station candidates
• Nominal fee-structure, discount for acc & sainik school cadets
• IFDO untertakes institutional training by reaching out to desired locations/ campuses with competent team of trainers for training of large batches, ranging 60 to 150 candidates at one time.
• IFDO follows meticulously& scientifically designed scheme of work.
• IFDO training is passion- driven and result- oriented

Our Mission

To provide adequate, appropriate and accurate information, motivation and training for multiple career opportunities in our elite armed forces


IFDO HYDERABAD provides accommodation to trainees coming from out-stations @ nominal cost